AMX by Harman NX-1200

NetLinx NX-1200 - Integrated Controller mit 1600 MIPS Processor, unterstützt IPv6 und 802.1x Netzwerk Standards; 512MB RAM, 1MB NVRAM, 4GB SDHC FLASH. 1 RS-232/422/485 & 1 RS-232 Port, 2 IR Ports, 4 I/O Ports, je 1 Port: IR-Eingang, Ethernet, AxLink, USB-B für Programmierung & USB-A für Speichermedien. Inkl. 2x CC-NIRC IR Emitterdiode und erfordl. Phönix Steckerleisten, 1/3 19" breit-1HE, Netzteil (9-18VDC) erforderlich, Wirkleistung 3Watt. V Style Formfaktor und Befestigungsoptionen.


Dimensions (HWD)

1 3/4” x 17” x 9 1/8” (44.86 mm x 431.80 mm x 231.65 mm)

1.6 lb. (.726 Kg)

Memory Memory Card: 4 GB SD, NVRAM: 1 MB, DDRAM: 512 MB, Note: Supports external USB Solid State Drives

Power Consumption

Active Power Consumption: 3 W

AxLink Port

(1) 4-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, provides data and power to external AxLink control devices

AxLink Indicator

(1) AxLink LED (green) indicates the state of the AxLink port

RS-232/422/485 Ports

(1) 10-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, NetLinx Port 1, XON/XOFF (transmit on / transmit off), CTS/RTS (clear to send/ready to send), 300 - 115,200 baud
RS-232 Port

(1) 5-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, NetLinx Port 2, XON/XOFF (transmit on / transmit off), CTS/RTS (clear to send/ready to send), 300 - 115,200 baud

Serial Indicator

(2) sets of LEDs (red/yellow) indicate when serial Ports 1 and 2 are transmitting and receiving data

(2) 2-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, 2 IR Transmit / 1-way Serial ports, NetLinx Ports 11-12, Support high-frequency carriers up to 1.142 MHz, 2 IR/Serial data signals can be generated simultaneously

IR/Serial Indicators

(2) LEDs (red) indicate when each of the IR/Serial ports (11-12) are transmitting control data
I/O Channels

(4) One 6-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, 4-channel binary I/O port for contact closure with each input being capable of voltage sensing, NetLinx Port 22, Channels 1-4

I/O Indicator

(4) LEDs (yellow) indicate each of the I/O channels (1-4) are active

IR/RX Ports

(1) 1/8” mini-jack

IR/RX Indicator (1) IR RX LED (red) LED lights when IR data is being received via the IR/RX port